Lottery rules


Signature of the notarized document Signature of the notarized document of the lottery rules.

The Ibex Hunt, S.L.U. trading company, hereinafter The Company, of Spanish nationality, with registered offices at C/Canvis, 1, in Bot (Tarragona) Spain, with Tax Identification Number 43490226, and entered in the Mercantile Registry of Tarragona (Spain), where its details can be verified, is interested in Promoting this Lottery.


The Company's e-mail, website and official phone number are:; ; +34 977 42 80 22


This Lottery consists of draws, in which the prizes offered on the Company's official website are assigned to the winning numbers.


The amount to be distributed in prize money is fifty percent of the total amount of the value of the lottery tickets, whereas the other fifty percent goes to the Company.


Unsold tickets declared void are paid for by the Company.


Any tickets obtained outside the protocol established by these rules, and which is specified on the Company's official website, will be declared null and void.


Each ticket is a personal document, and unless otherwise agreed to between the prize-winner and the Company, the ticket and the corresponding prize are non-transferable.


The structure of the draw for 2013 will be as follows:


A total of one thousand (1000) tickets, numbered from 000 to 999, will be issued.


The price of each ticket will be twenty euros (€20), thus amounting to a total of twenty thousand euros (€20,000).


Tickets will be sold exclusively on line. The starting date is 19/08/2013 at 00:00 pm (Madrid time: Spain) and ends on 24:00 pm (Madrid time: Spain) on 20/12/2013.


Each purchaser/participant in the lottery may buy as many tickets as they want. The only limitation on this purchase will be the existence and availability of tickets at any time.


Tickets may only be purchased/acquired through the Company's official website, whose link is:; All the steps involved in the purchase of a ticket/s are explained here. Once the ticket/s has/have been paid for and charged by the Company, the latter will send confirmation by e-mail to the purchaser and will assign the corresponding number/s of the ticket/s bought to the purchaser and with which the latter will participate in the Lottery.


By buying the ticket/s, the purchaser is bound by and accepts all the rules governing this Lottery.


The single prize is: The Shooting Fee for a Spanish Ibex Trophy in Tortosa-Beceite (Spain), owned by The Company, , without any point limit, with three days hunting and four nights full board for hunter and companion. The The value of the prize is €10.000 (Ten Thousand euros).


The WINNER will be the ticket holder whose number matches the last three digits of the first prize ("El Gordo") of the Christmas Lottery held on December 22, 2013 by the Dirección General de Loterías del Ministerio de Economía y Hacienda del Reino de España [General Directorate of Lotteries of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Kingdom of Spain].


The only valid source identifying the prizewinning number will be the list published by the Company one day after the aforementioned Christmas lottery, attested to by the the Notary Public and Certifying Public Officer Mr. Vicente Rubio Escribá, whose business address is in C/ Miravet, 10, 43780 Gandesa (Tarragona) Spain; Phone: +0034 977 42 00 16 and email:, where the rules of this Lottery will be deposited.


The result of the draw and the name of the winner, if any, will be recorded in a notary public's affidavit. The result will be notified to each one of the participants in the draw by an email to the address provided on purchase of the ticket or tickets. The result will also be made known through on-line platforms created specifically for the aforementioned draw and any social networks the Company deems convenient.


The right to claim the prize expires three months, as of the day after the Christmas Lottery draw, i.e. on 23/03/2014. After this term, if the prize has not been claimed by the winner it will go to the Company. This period will be tacitly extended for 24 hours if the last day is a public holiday in the town where the company's registered offices are located.


The prize-winner will have to use it on the dates established by mutual agreement with the Company, and always during the 2014 hunting season between the following dates: 01/03/2014 to 31/05/2014 or 15/10/2014 to 31/12/2014. If the winner fails to use the prize on those dates it will expire.


The course and outcome of the hunt may be filmed and photographed by the Company, which may make free use of the film material, advertising or publicising it as it sees fit and via any media (including the social networks) within The Company's corporate purpose. The winner will not be entitled to object to any such recordings or broadcasts, and nor will he nor she be entitled to any compensation for image rights, expressly waiving the latter in favour of the Company.


The Company is not responsible for any injury that may befall the Prize-winner and/or their companion while making use of the prize. The latter waive any entitlement to claim any damages in this regard from the Company.

For any claim or dispute regarding the interpretation of these clauses, The Company and the Prize-winner expressly waive their right to their own jurisdiction and agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Gandesa (Tarragona), Spain.


José Luis Todó Alcocer

Sole Administrator Ibex Hunt, S.L.U.
Member no. 16 SCI Catalunya Chapter
SCI Member nº 20002796
SCI Official Measurer No. 9022399